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Playing video games can be more than just fun. Many people play games to have fun in their leisure time or for recreation. Some people become so obsessed that they keep spending more time in front of the console and do not do anything else. These persons are referred to by other people as “Video Gaming Junkies”. The addiction may even keep them away from their daily routine and social activities. But now there is a good reason to play. The gamers gain experience and master the skills required to play. They can capitalize these skills to earn money by becoming a Video game tester. Companies producing games invest millions of dollars on designing, developing and producing the games. Any error in programming, designing, graphics, coding will ruin their prospects of selling the product. Also there is risk of losing reputation if a faulty product is launched in the market. One faulty product would lead to series of failures for such companies.Gaming houses hire people having years of gaming experience to test their products to ensure that there are no glitches and bugs. Based on the feedback from the testing people, the product is improved in terms of quality. These companies pay for testing and providing feedback. Since the success of the product is dependent upon the feedback of the Video game tester, he is paid handsomely. So this job can be ideal for those who have a passion for playing and have acquired the skills for playing various games. Their earnings are based upon their experience in gaming and upon their capability to sell their gaming skills. A person having more experience will be able to make more money by spending few hours daily in front of the computer or the console. The job of a Video game tester does not require academic qualifications and also age is not the limiting factor. A person of any age can take up this job if he has gaming skills and has 2-3 years of experience in playing video games. This can be taken up as a full time job or a part time job based upon one’s flexible time schedule.There are some websites that provide information about Companies which manufacture video games and who require testing professionals. These websites also train people and provide guidance towards acquiring the special skills that are necessary to gain success. They help the hard core video gamers by providing a launching pad for making a good and successful career in playing online games. One of the numerous benefits are that the Video game tester gets a chance to play the game for free even before it is officially released in the market. Some companies also allow the testing professionals to keep the game after the testing is complete. So this can be termed as one of the successful and easy jobs to earn money.

When a T1 Isn’t Enough Bandwidth – Ethernet Internet Service | business services

Ethernet Internet Service is the next generation of communication services for businesses. Ethernet provides greater upload and download speeds for super-fast file transfers with the same reliable service you expect from your T1.Ethernet Access is available in bandwidths from 1 Mbps – 10 Gbps in various increments, granting you the flexibility, scalability and control to choose the right options for your specific networking needs.Ethernet allows business users to securely transfer large data files, utilize hosted applications, and take advantage of flexibility to add speed at any time. Ethernet can reduce costs of equipment setup and operation with a simple plug and play setup. Business Ethernet Service will reduce time spent waiting for large files to upload with synchronous upload and download speeds. Get greater bandwidth at a lower cost per megabit than T1, Frame Relay or Private LineEthernet provides for equally fast downloads and uploads and a dedicated connection provides better reliability and more consistent performance than a shared cable connection or DSL type service. Ethernet speeds are consistent throughout the day so you always get your peak speed, 24/7 and tremendous bandwidth provides access for small, medium and large businesses. Guaranteed Network Reliability – service level agreement guarantees 99.99% uptime.Ethernet business access can reduce subscribers’ expense and operation expense in three ways. Due to its broad usage in almost all networking products, the Ethernet interface itself is inexpensive. Ethernet services can often cost less than competing services due to lower equipment, service and operational costs. Many Ethernet services allow subscribers to add bandwidth incrementally in 1 Mbps increments. This allows subscribers to add bandwidth as needed so they pay for only what they need.Many Ethernet providers allow subscribers to network their business in ways that are either more complex or impossible with alternative services. For example, a single Ethernet service interface can connect multiple enterprise locations for their Intranet VPNs, connect business partners or suppliers via Extranet VPNs and provide a high speed Internet connection to an Internet Service Provider.All Ethernet access share some common attributes, but there are differences. Ethernet Service is provided by the Metro Ethernet Network (MEN) provider. Customer Equipment (CE) attaches to the network at the User-Network Interface (UNI) using a standard 10Mbps, 100Mbps, 1Gbps or 10Gbps Ethernet interface.Basically Ethernet Service simplifies the Network Architecture for business services. Instead of a T1 or DS3 to provide transport of communication services and then have additional equipment to translate that carrier signal, equipment providers have manufactured equipment to extend that direct Ethernet path out to the network and provide direct access to the cloud. This provides better reliability and more cost effective service for lower cost per megabyte of data communication.